In recent years, many people started to work full-time on supporting innovation within their organization. They are often experimenting with new approaches, many times in trial-and-error. Why not learn from them?

This conference provides you with an overview of how your organization can become more innovative, handled in 4 topics:
- Innovation culture
- Innovation approach
- Successful partnerships
- Ideation

Each of the 4 topics is discussed with:
- A presentation of useful models and recent findings that can be applied immediately in your organization
- A presentation by innovation managers, telling their stories of what worked and what didn’t. And in which context. 
   (There is no innovation manager presentation in the last part, to give more time for the exercise)
- A challenging assignment. This is done within a group of 5 people, who are matched to each other upfront.

At the end, we will help you to deliver a business idea with your group of 5 people.

This program is defined in a collaboration between many players, a.o. Geert Van Wonterghem, who also defined the successful programs “Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Building Innovative Organizations” at Antwerp Management School.

This program is supported by the major players in Flanders: VOKA, Innovatiecentrum, iMinds, de Kracht van Vlaanderen and Agoria. It is designed by Geert Van Wonterghem who also designed the successful programs 'Master in Innovation and entrepreneurship' and 'Building Innovative Organizations' at Antwerp Management School.

During the breaks, you have a chance to see even more:
- We will have a Q&A cafe, where you can have interesting discussions with famous experts like Dirk De Boe (author of 2 books on Creativity and innovation: Edushock and Creashock) and Geoff Carrs (VP Europe of Imaginatik
- Over 60 booths of interesting new research and start-ups
- Several innovation solution providers are there to discuss what’s on your mind, 
   a.o. Cognistreamer, Vlerick Management School, Creax, Addestino, Venture Spirit, Createlli, De Vroe & partners, MTI2, COCD, ...

The hall will be open from 7h30, allowing you to arrive before the heavy traffic. Free WiFi is available in the co-working space. Booths open from 8h.

Who should attend? People with an interest in innovation management, for any size of company, and that want to learn from the experience of others.

More info? Mail info@mif12.be.

Initiated & coordinated by Geert Van Wonterghem.


Detailed content

Part 1: Innovation culture
Innovation often starts from the engagement of your employees. One valuable approach is to focus on employees’ talents. People who are more self-aware, know when to share ideas and look for complementary talents. We will guide you through some very interesting projects in this area.
- Jan De Keyser is a leading HR-consultant. He is involved in change projects at companies like Swift, Argenta and Vandemoortele.

Part 2: Innovation approach
Most companies have a suggestion box. But it shouldn’t stop there. What are the experiences with topics like bootcamps, co-creation, challenge-driven innovation, etc.? What are the different approaches to take depending on your context?
- Piet Verhoeve is Innovation Director at Televic, a medium-size supplier of high-end communication solutions. He will explain how Televic starts from its strengths to set the scope for its innovation efforts. They subsequently set up different mechanisms to optimize the generation of ideas until the introduction into the market, resulting in a steady growth over the last years.
- Rudi Broos is Innovation Director at Alcatel-Lucent, a world-class Telecom equipment provider. Historically, Alcatel-Lucent has always been a front-runner in Belgium in terms of innovation methodologies. Rudi will discuss the lessons learned after over 6 years of Alcatel-Lucent bootcamps.

Part 3: Successful partnerships
What should you pay attention to when setting up innovative partnerships? Different people throughout the industry will cover the different relevant topics by sharing their experiences.
- Rick Wielens is CEO of NineSigma, a world-leading provider of open innovation solutions. He will share some insights on why and how leading innovation companies are working more with innovation partners. The focus is on asymmetric partnership, where a big company is looking for collaborations with smaller companies.
- Tom Verriest is a Global Project Manager at TPVision, a Joint Venture with Philips. In this role, he is also looking after fostering a culture of co-creation between the employees. Tom will share his experiences in this.
- Antoon Soete is a Business Manager at 3E Renewable Energy Solutions. He will focus on building trust to reach successful partnerships, by telling us his lessons learned from a recent project.
- Filip Ballegeer is Innovation Manager at TomTom, a world-leading supplier of GPS-equipment. He will bring some surprising examples of how TomTom handles innovative partnerships to remain at the forefront of its industry. Filip will specifically focus on how IPR is handled.

Part 4: Ideation
In the last years, several advanced companies have set up a framework to ensure that the required ideation inputs to their innovation process are covered. We will cover the key mechanisms, which can be an inspiration to many
In this part, we will guide the teams to deliver a business idea.

During the different excercises, coaching will also be done by Koen Vriesacker (iMinds, winner of Battle of Talents 2012 in the category of investors), Peter Rutten (Innovatiecentrum).