Is there hope for innovation in Flanders?

Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 - 10:30Are you already co-creating? Do you have a process to select and support ideas of your colleagues? Does somebody follow the relevant trends?
Experience shows that SMEs often don’t try to support innovation. They count on it that “The idea will come up when I’m under the shower and the rest follows by itself”. But meanwhile, many people, especially in larger companies, work full-time on supporting innovation. Let’s learn from each other. And let’s meanwhile get to know each other.

Several organizations in Flanders work on supporting innovation. The Innovatiecentra assist you to file a request for funding of the IWT, Sirris helps you to search solutions for your technological challenges, and so on. But we lack a coordinated approach that involves everybody. All too often, organizations or governmental bodies only take care of a certain part, or their services overlap. For companies, and specifically for SME’s, this multitude of initiatives is a handicap rather than a blessing.

For the first time, our conference Managing Innovation in Flanders, brings together all the different players in innovation!!
On the one side, we have the “midfield”, with organizations like VOKA, innovatiecentra, Agoria and iMinds. On the other side, we have the many companies who support other companies in their innovation efforts, like Creax, COCD, Cognistreamer, Venture Spirit and Vlerick. They are all present and eager to answer your most buring questions. You’ll be amazed of the inspiration they can offer! And maybe, we can finally think of working together to support innovation in Flanders!

At the end of the day, we apply all the new material and use the latest brainstorm methodologies to develop a new business idea, in groups of 5 people.

You can’t miss this!
More info and registration via, info [at] mif12 [dot] be or with Geert Van Wonterghem, +32 478 662592.